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COR的El Campello阁楼

经过 •2011年4月8日•  Selected Work 

这套624平方英尺的一居室公寓由西班牙建筑公司全面翻修 COR 满足一对年轻夫妇的需求。



COR的El Campello阁楼:

“这是一个对年轻夫妇的住房项目,位于Rincónde la Zofran,距离大海约50米,可以欣赏到圣胡安·阿利坎特海滩的全景。

这beach of San Juan-Muchavista has become urban and cosmopolitan part of the metropolitan area of Alicante, where a large number of population has moved to live. This has been particularly important contribution in the implementation of the urban tramway network (TRAM).


这previous distribution of housing corresponds to a second home in a typical building of small dwellings for seasonal use by the sea, built in 1987.

这houses are barely inside the 50 m² + 8 m² terrace. The boom of this type of construction clogs the Alicante coastline in the 90s and early this century.

这entire program takes place on a farm more or less thick perimeter, leaving an interior space reprogrammable. RGB lighting, intelligent hygrothermal conditioning systems, programmable acoustic mattresses, surround sound system or focal, etc …将使这个小阁楼成为一个经验丰富,不断变化的地方。

这experiential atmosphere control is the big problem with this space. The use of the house is going to be torrential and rapid, almost as a base camp where shelter from the contemporary dynamics, in which their owners are constantly socio-cultural exchange with the world to prepare themselves to live and make their worlds.

这terrace like finding typological. Given the weather conditions in the area, we understand that the intelligent use of the property passes to deepen the concept of terrace, through the trim and movable floor heating-cooling air conditioning, transforming the entire house in an area open to the sea.

这“islands” and “polls.”分区方案是通过纳入计划并充分利用建筑物的一般设施来实现的,从而为建筑物的建造提供了空间。“fluid”那里的路线对住所的使用几乎是直观的。民意调查:对象构成了我们的体验记忆。衣服,书籍,食物…在创造房屋景观时特别重要。


图片提供:David Frutos

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